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Summer Recap

In which TLE reminises in chat form, and then in list form.

Gah. Is summer really over? It can’t be, right? Well. I guess I’ll act like it is, and maybe in a few days I’ll find out that it was all a cruel joke and I can go back to sleeping late and playing my way through every Tycoon game ever created.



I’m back to school on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, and in some sick, masochistic sort of way I’m excited for History class to start up again. I’ve decided to be Elizabeth I for the feast, so my mom is already obsessing about the costume. Personally, I’m freaking out about the ten page paper + script + character views, but to each her own.


This was a two scar summer, which definitely means it was a good one. Let’s review.


Scar #1:

Setting: an acting camp in the mountains.

Characters: TLE, TLE’s mom (on the phone), Counselor, Camp Doctor, and Strange Child Who Followed TLE Around All Week.


TLE: *calls mom*

TLE: hey mom! Blah blah blah and I’ve got some sort of weird pond weed stuck in my foot.

TLE’s mom: you should ask someone about that! I don’t think that’s something you should ignore.

TLE: *grumble*

Counselor: *over emphasized wave* hi there, TLE!

TLE: *over emphasized wave* hi there! I have something weird in my foot!

Counselor: let’s take a look at that, shall we?

TLE: that wouldn’t have been my reaction.

Counselor: *looks at TLE’s foot* whoa, that’s gross.

Child: *over emphasized wave* hi, TLE! Hi, counselor!

TLE: *is getting tired of the over emphasized waving*

Counselor: we’re digging a pond weed out of TLE’s foot!

Child: cool, can I help?

TLE: what is this, the camp of weird reactions?

Counselor: how about you sit here and keep TLE company? I need to go get the doctor.

TLE: how is it that no matter where I go (I’m in the fricking mountains, seriously) I always end up with a stalker?

Child: *stares at TLE*

TLE: hello, strange child.

Child: *has really big eyes*

TLE: sooooo… if you’re going to be stalking me, can you go get my book?

Child: sure! *gets book*

Doctor: *over emphasized wave* hi there, TLE! Hi there, strange child!

TLE: This is my face. Apply palm liberally.

Doctor: whoa, you have a pond weed in your foot. Let’s dig this out, shall we? This might hurt a little.

TLE: *cowers*

Doctor: *digs around in TLE’s foot*

TLE: *buries nose in book, whispers to self*

Doctor: hum, looks like we’re going to peel back this here…

TLE: …ten-devotee-to-the-average-dozen OW! got-a-priest-on OW!

Doctor: …and poke a little here…

TLE: OW! every-corner-sort-of-god-who-is OW!

Child: *stares*

Doctor: alright, it’s out! Bye, TLE! *over emphasized wave*


Scar #2


Setting: a beach in California

Characters: TLE, bro, waves.


Bro: let’s play in the waves!

TLE and bro: *frolic*

TLE: *sits in floatie*

Waves: *push TLE’s floatie*

TLE: whee! Oh isn’t this fun!

Uber-Wave: *LOOMS*

Bro: uh, hey TLE…


TLE’s hand: *is gouged by the rocks*

Rocks: *gouge TLE’s hand*

TLE: $%##%^*&@!!

Bro: how eloquent.


So. Obviously a successful summer. I also started riding Jumpers, and was jumping 3’0” by the end of the year (.9 meters, to you European folks). The last show was kind of a fail... but I’ll get it figured out. I’ve got all winter.


Interesting things I’ve done now that I hadn’t three months ago:


-gotten blue hair extensions.

-met other people with blue hair extensions

-joined facebook

-spent a week on an island with no phone access

-swam with sharks. WILD sharks.

-painted a series of island scenes

-done the splits (I didn’t mean to. I was hanging from the stirrup with one foot, and bouncing on the ground on the other)

-gone to summer camp

-filmed a music video

-seen the 6th harry potter

-painted a scar on my forehead with acrylics

-read a mind-scarring fanfic, because a friend of mine had written it and I love her. I’m never reading one of her fanfics again.

-seen “Jurassic Park”, “Tomb Raider” and half of “The Mummy”

-been to the world’s largest bookstore

-Gotten a book for a dollar at aforementioned book store

-eaten at a Peruvian restaurant

-played Rock Band on “hard” through 19% of the song

-seen “Showboat”

-discovered the Canadian/Belgian/Patagonian plot

-taught a friend to swing dance outside a theater at midnight


…huh. This was an AWESOME summer.

Here is a picture of a kangaroo.

Be blessed in your endeavors!!




Aug. 30th, 2009 06:11 pm (UTC)
One runs down a dock barefoot, cuts oneself on a splinter, and jumps into the pond fully clothed.

I'm afraid the strange stalker kid did not get introduced to Gen. Something was being DUG OUT OF MY FOOT, I was distracted. :-P
Aug. 31st, 2009 12:14 am (UTC)
Something was being DUG OUT OF MY FOOT, I was distracted. :-P
Um, yes. Quite enough distraction to contend with at one time! My sympathies, too.

Wait, you can buy Kangaroos in Aussie for 5.99?
At Pizza Hut?
I want one! :-P

Oh! And I forgot to say, are we going to be seeing these paintings? *puppy eyes*
Aug. 31st, 2009 03:07 am (UTC)
You cannot actually buy kangaroos at pizza hut, anywhere. That was an inside joke. You see, my mom said she would call me when bro's baseball game was over, so when she did I said that she had "reached pizza hut australia, home of the Wallabee special" in a really fake australian accent.