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Calling all Fanpeople!!!

Hello, all!

I'm at a bit of a standstill on my latest movie project - no worries, Sounisians, it's on it's way, but I need to get a time set up for filming and everything. So that I'll have something to do in this brief artistic wasteland, I've been sending out feelers for a more nebulous, but nonetheless intruiguing, project: a documentary.

The plan is this. I'm asking people to send me their opinions on a subject, and then I'll use the ideas for a script. I'm really looking forward to it, and I think once you've heard the idea, you will, too. Here it is:

Fanpeople. Girls, boys, dabblers, full-blown crazies, fanart, fanfiction, online, offline, comms, livejournal, 'til midnight parties, the works. It sometimes seems like it's one big, new, strange world - What do you think of it all?

Below are some preset questions I've come up with - feel free to write long or short answers, although I'm not likely to quote things like, "yes", "no" or "it depends". You can answer as many or as few as you want. Write any opinions - unless you specifically ask me to mention you in the credits (if this goes anywhere), it's anonymous. I'd also love to have people just write freestyle on the subject. The only rules are these: if you send something to me, it means you're ok with it being in the documenary, and I'm not including anything on what, specifically, you are a fangirl/boy of. You can mention it, but it won't get in the final draft - this is about the actual concept of fanpeople, not the books or movies they fan about.

You can send your answers/insights to lotsother-fanpeople@yahoo.com. (this is not my real address - it's one I set up for this project).


1.      What is a fangirl/boy?

2.      Discuss the general fan community. They have their own lingo, legends, and ideas about how far a fan can go. Is that cool? Weird? Not your style? (feel free to talk about the society itself, as well – what are some terms, unwritten rules, or concepts you’ve run into?)

3.      Are you a fangirl/boy? Elaborate – why or why not?

For those who answered “yes” to question #3:

4.      How obsessed are you?

5.      Do you prefer to connect with other fans online, in real life, or not at all? Do you have a choice?

6.      Do people take your fanishness seriously? When you want to talk about your fandom, do people listen?

7.      Are you a different person because of your fandom?

For those who answered “no” to question #3:

8.      What do you think of fangirls/boys?

9.      Is it hard to be friends with a fan?

10. Have you ever tried to enter the fan world?

Love you all! I hope this works out - I think it could be a lot of fun. :-D



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Aug. 26th, 2009 11:40 pm (UTC)
1 A fangirl/boy is a person who is obsessed with a fictional book/character/world.
2 Um. Heh
3 Yes. Because with some books you just cannot help but be a fan.
4 Obsessed enough to re-read the books as often as possible, always think of that book when I see a name of one of the characters, continually draw fanart of the book on whatever scrap of paper my hand meets.
5 I would prefer to meet in real life with other fans but I don’t know anyone else [apart from my crazy family] who’d get so obsessed with a book to actually spend hours discussing it.
6 No one takes my fangirling seriously except for other fangirl/boys. But that’s only because it’s hard to understand someones obsession with something if you aren’t as obsessed. Also it’s harder if you aren’t crazy, as I am.
7 Noooo, not really . . . much . . . :P
Aug. 31st, 2009 05:33 am (UTC)
Email sent - good luck!
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